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This is a modern world and we really do not have time for washing clothes often. So, it is easy to understand how important a washing machine can be in our day to day life. However, often people get confused as there are so many features of a washing machine that we need to understand to pick the right one for them. Most of them are not even aware of how all the features work actually. Hence, it is important to choose the right one for you and here, we have selected some of the best washing machine to help you narrow down your choices.

  1. Hotpoint Ultima S-Line RPD10477DD

If you are looking for adjusting bigger things in your washing machine and want an extra space for clothes, this huge sized drum Hotpoint Ultima S-Line RPD10477DD can be the right fit for you. It comes with a technology that offers you direct injection and no matter how tough your stain is, it will vanish because of the pre-mixture process of detergent and water. It has a flaw of not working that good in a low temperature. It works excellent when you are running it with 30 degree centigrade or above. Although you may feel that the running cost is a little higher than smaller ones, but this is the best fit for people looking something extra with a cool budget.


2. Samsung Ecobubble WW9000 (WW10H9600EW)

This is the best one we have if you are looking for the most advanced washing machine with improved features. The best thing about this machine is its storage capacity. It can store detergent for a month and only use, according to the load. So, it is simply throwing away all your clothes and stay relaxed. What is the interesting part of it is that you can control the machine with software, smartphones and apps. This is great because you don’t have to sit long for cleaning clothes. You can watch the time and save unnecessary waste of time. It has also a huge capacity and most importantly, the cost is low.


3. Miele W1 WMB120

The capacity of this machine is amazing. You can check the size before you decide to purchase it as it will not suit everybody. However, if it suits you, then surely you will be delighted to use this machine as it is so simple and easy to control. This machine has a reputation to remove the toughest stain within a short time. Last time, I bought a dress from Stylewe, but couldn’t wear it more than once due to some stain by fish curry in a party. This machine managed to remove the stain completely. You need not to be confused with a lot of features that are sometimes just some switches and you never use them actually. The drum size of this machine is 8kg that is fairly good.


We suggest you to check out the manuals and have some research on internet to know about the features of new advanced washing machine. Try multifunctional one to reduce your workload. Make your own decision and find the right places to place your order.

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