Life Science Arts: How to Create a Peaceful Inner Mindset

Phones buzzing, updates pouring in & endless to do lists. We live in a time when we can be contacted wherever we are with our phones. Emails, sports, news, phone calls, Facebook, twitter all in the palm of your hand. There can be a seemingly never ending pressure to perform, to get things done, and to cram it all in. It can be a very robotic life.

In the midst of this, we need to learn how to create headspace.

Headspace is about creating enough time to breathe, and think. To be able to align our PRIORITIES and to do the things that will actually get us where we want to go.

Sometimes we take a physical break only to come back to the same hectic schedule and the stress mounts up again. So rather than just getting away for a while, how about taking some time to design some room to think into each day.

Here’s some life science tips to enhance yourself:

  1. HAVE SOME ‘YOU’ TIME EACH MORNING. Before you race to pick up the phone, check the news, Facebook, and Instagram just stop, and take some time for you. Have some water to rehydrate, maybe a workout or some stretching, some journaling to get out on paper your thoughts & do some big belly breaths. Taking 30 minutes in the morning can change your whole day. You acknowledge that you can take control and your day isn’t swinging you by the tail. No matter what happens during your day you have been kind to yourself & built in some thinking time.
  2. CHOOSE TO LIVE SIMPLY. We have been conditioned to think that more is better, when in reality more is just more. It can clutter our lives and make us less happy. We stop being grateful for what we have. Living simply is about choosing the few things that will actually enrich your life and by focusing on those. Allow your appreciation to grow. Maybe the goal could be not to see how much you can cram into your life, but how much you can take away and still be happy. You may be surprised & find new contentment.
  3. ALLOW YOURSELF TO STOP. I mean really stop. It can be uncomfortable I know. We feel that we have to be continuously doing something or we’ll miss out. You’re not made to be a machine and just get things done. You need to take healthy breaks, rest or do something simple you enjoy. When we stop sometimes the feelings that we have been pushing down can come up. It is really healthy to acknowledging our feelings. If we don’t acknowledge them, they will still be expressed in our lives, just in other ways like our actions, moods, attitude or tone. Ask yourself these: What should I stop doing? What should I start doing? What should I keep doing?
  4. JOURNAL. There’s nothing quite like putting pen to paper. Don’t stress about what you’ll write, or about saying something brilliant – it’s therapeutic just to write & can really create headspace. Why not do a few minutes a day. You may surprise yourself on what’s in that head of yours.
  5. ALLOW YOURSELF TO DREAM. It’s so healthy for us to dream, and to experience the full emotion of what could be. So many of us have lost the ability of dreaming because we have pushed it away for so long. It’s a muscle that we need to work out daily. Why not take some time to stop, journal & write down 10 things you would like to do during your life. Don’t put limits on, or be practical, just have fun with it.


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